Aymeric Ramiere

Researcher in nanoscale heat transfer


Paper in Phys. Rev. B: Fluttering dislocations in thermal resistance at Si/solid He interface

figure solid helium cell

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Physicist specialized in nanoscale heat transport. My areas of expertize are:

Currently, Research Assistant Prof. in SUSTech (Shenzhen, China) on low-dimensional and low-temperature thermoelectric materials. 2015-2017 JSPS research fellow at U. Tokyo (Japan) on phononic crystals. PhD on thermal resistances in 2014 and MS in fundamental physics in 2011 from U. Paris Sud (France). My work was published in Nat. Mater., Nat. Commun., Sci. Adv., APL, PRB, ...


Work in China

I am looking for tenure-track professor position in Shenzhen or Hong Kong.
Very dynamic and motivated, I wish to lead my own research and create collaborations within and outside of China.

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